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A First for Hailsham Lions !

On Thursday, 1 December, at 10am the Lions are delighted to announce they will open their first Hailsham Lions Charity Bookshop, adjacent to Market View, Market Street, BN27 2AE.

Selling a whole range of books at give-away prices, plus other items to tempt shoppers, the shop will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 2pm each day. This move follows the success of their book stall which has previously drawn in crowds at various functions during the last few years. All profits will enable them to continue helping those in need in the local area.

Hailsham Lions also celebrated another ‘first’ recently by becoming the first charity to produce a musical, moving advertisement which is currently being screened at The Pavilion before the main film.

If anyone is interested in joining the Lions, or have books to donate, please contact them via or phone 0845 833 9828 (local).

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The Lions Message In A Bottle Scheme is free! It is a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location – the fridge.

The Message In A Bottle pack comprises – a bottle, a small form and two stickers. Complete the details on the form, and put it into the bottle and place in the door compartment of your fridge. The Emergency Services will know to look for it in the event of them being called to your home. They will be alerted by the use of the two special Green Emergency/Green Cross stickers.

One sticker is stuck on the fridge door. The other sticker is stuck on the inside of your front door. All Emergency Services are aware of the Lions scheme, and will locate the bottle to pass on the information within to a doctor or hospital personnel in an emergency.

The bottles can usually be found in your local chemist or at doctors’ surgeries. However, they can also be ordered from Hailsham Lions direct by phoning 0845 833 9828 (local) or emailing